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Davion Mintz Reflects On His Kentucky Career As He Approaches Senior Night

It looks like our ride with Davion Mintz is inching closer to an end. Don't forget, we still have one hell of a tournament run to go through with him before his career here officially ends, but his career inside Rupp Arena has just one final round of 40 minutes to be played on Tuesday evening.

Davion Mintz went all-in during his Ole Miss/Senior Night press conference preview on Monday afternoon, reflecting on his time spent in Lexington and how much he's enjoyed it.

He started off from the jump saying that returning for another year at Kentucky "has been once again one of the best decisions of my life." Especially after what he had to go through last year, having to be the leader on a very bad team that was a miserable experience for everyone involved, says so much. It's so true when people say "winning cures all" because it really does. Well, it helps suppress most things that would be gas to the fire when things are going wrong anyways. It makes me so happy that he will be leaving here with that perspective of Kentucky when it very well could have been the other way had he not returned.

Another things that makes me happy is that this season has been everything he could have wanted in a year at Kentucky... more importantly, everything that he deserved. From going 9-16 to winning 23 of their first 29 games this season, and potentially going an undefeated 18-0 at home on his Senior Day to cap it off is such a 180 degree experience. From a few thousand in the crowds to a sold-out, jammed-packed Rupp Arena getting as rowdy as it can on game days. The true experience that he missed out on last year and that this year he's taking all in. He said in the press conference, "I'm super excited because no one can do it like BBN. This place is crazy, it's nuts and I'm really looking forward to it."

Not to mention, they still have two regular season games left that should add to that win list, rolling over into being a favorite to win the conference tournament and having a really great shot to go dancing towards the Final Four. "I've never won a game in March Madness, so I'm really looking forward to getting there," said the grad-transfer and two-time Wildcat.

It seems to all be setting in for him during his (and Kellan's) big evening. "Sometimes like even in the middle of the games I just be thinking, ‘Wow I really go to Kentucky.’” He said he had no idea he would have had this place in his future during his last season at Creighton, but it has been "the greatest thing to ever happen to me."

Lastly, he said he wanted to be remembered by Kentucky fans in a specific way once his time here is complete.

"I want to be known as that guy who tried to give his all no matter what happened. That guy that you knew who was going to go out there and fight. Who was going to sacrifice everything for his team, and then leave as a winner. When you see my name, and put it by Kentucky, I want people to say 'this guy won. He fought every night. He tried and represented this place the way we wanted.'"

I highly recommend you take the time to listen to his full comments on what Senior Night will be like for him, because he spent near twenty minutes with the media addressing it not cause he had to, because he wanted to. You won't regret it.



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