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Davion Mintz Says A Return To Kentucky Next Season Is An Option

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Sixth year (of college basketball) Davion Mintz could be a real possibility next season as the NCAA has granted an extra year of eligibility to every single player due to covid taking out a lot of things last season.

“I’m not sure, I know that it’s something that I’m on route to achieve maybe later this year, just depending on how that is, for my Master’s degree,” Mintz said. “Like I said, it will be one of those things where I will have to evaluate more with my coaches and my family. I’m very serious about my dreams and I know that, whatever that is, this place can get me where I need to be with my work ethic. So, I’m just going to finish out the season and see where that takes me.”

Davion Mintz' father, Sean Mintz, confirmed with The Athletic that the idea of returning is very entertaining. “It’s obviously on the table... Let me emphasize that we’d love to see him obtain his master’s. That’s big for us. We know one day when the ball stops bouncing for him, which he doesn’t believe it ever will, of course, that master’s will be really important. We believe he has a future to continue his basketball career at the next level, but if he’s going to play another year of college then we’d love nothing more than for him to do it at Kentucky and continue being a Wildcat.”

Through 20 games throughout this season, Davion Mintz is averaging a career-high 10.3 points, as well as 3.2 rebounds, 2.6 assists in just 29.9 minutes a game.

Davion spent four seasons at Creighton from 2016-2020, and is now in his graduate year in Lexington for 2020-2021. Next year would be his SIXTH year of college basketball, and to tell you I would actually be excited about it is an understatement.


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