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Davion Mintz Suffered From A Minor Injury This Week In Practice

News broke Thursday afternoon that a significant player had reportedly suffered from a minor injury in practice this week, but would likely still play in Saturday's game.

On Friday, it was announced that the player was Davion Mintz, and that UK stilll believes he will be ready to play versus South Carolina tomorrow afternoon. Although it seems to be minor, you still worry about not having one of the rosters best players ready to lace up for the last game of the regular-season schedule, and how it could affect him right around the corner in the SEC Tournament - which Kentucky clearly needs all the help they can get.

The grad-transfer guard is averaging 11.0 points, 3.1 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.0 steals a game on 37.9% shooting. Would be a tremendous hit if Kentucky didn't have him.



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