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Despite Shutout Win, Kentucky's Quarterback Has A Lot To Improve On

Coming from my perspective, I left today's game feeling a little down. That's weird for me to even say coming from the fact that Kentucky found their first shutout of the Stoops era, dating back to 2009 as they defeated Youngstown State 31-0 this afternoon.

I felt kind of worried to the fact that Will Levis' turnovers are still here, his protection is still spotty which the offensive line might take some of the blame for that as well, and that his game still needs to be cleaned up in a lot of areas despite managing to throw for over three-hundred yards today. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me because his performance this afternoon had a lot of good, and a lot of bad, and not a whole lot in between, so feeling this way has me leaning on both sides of the spectrum and very indifferent than most. The second year wildcat did finish with 377 passing yards on 27/35 passing, while throwing two touchdowns and rushing for a third. Geez, now that I write that out it makes me start to question myself on this take. Well, you can't question the interceptions a whole lot because they did happen, and that's got to be cleaned up before entering the harder games. While the stats look positive from afar, there still were 4 fumbles, 4 sacks and 2 interceptions. The ones who watch every snap and put most of their emphasis on watching Kentucky will understand what I mean. And, next week could be a sleeper game where with no Chris Rodriguez and a potentially struggling Will Levis, which could put Kentucky on upset alert if they aren't careful.

Mark Stoops said in his press conference that he doesn't mind the interceptions as much as we'd think he would - he did say they were still unacceptable - but his point was that he wanted Will to fight through those mistakes and not let them phase him during games.

Will said he was cautious after that first interception, but its good to have that support from his coach. He said Stoops told him to keep slinging it no matter what's going on. "I think after that (first int.) I was getting a little cautious with the football, and coach just kind of realized that and he was like, 'Just go out there like it didn't happen and just rip it.' I just got to keep that same mentality and not force balls but trust our guys..."

I did think it was interesting that Stoops did not bring in Duece Hogan (backup quarterback) this afternoon despite being up 28-0 in the early fourth quarter, but my guess is he either wanted to see Will fight through his mistakes or guarantee a shutout for the first time in his career, or both.

Coming into this game Will was 5th in the conference in terms of a QB grade, so I'll definitely be watching to see how he moves this week once all the games are played. Again, Will's ceiling is so high and I'm beyond happy he is our quarterback, but I believe we'd be remised if we didn't hold him accountable when due, which needs to be fixed before we head to Oxford in October.


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