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Details On The Ware and Toppin Injuries

News has already been made public that the two injuries for Lance Ware and Jacob Toppin are an ankle injury (Ware), and a shoulder injury (Toppin), but a source close to the program has went into more detail of the two injuries.

It appears to be that Lance Ware's ankle injury is just a "rolled ankle" that took place before the Duke game, that has just kept him limited over the last week and a half.

For Jacob Toppin, his shoulder injury is just a "bruised shoulder," coming from "dunking too much" during practice. Not sure whether he just cocked it back too hard while dunking or what, but honestly I feel bad for those rims at the Joe Craft Center if a player injures himself from dunking too much.

With all that being said, these aren't major injuries, and they will both be back very soon. John Calipari said in his weekly press conference this afternoon that he "isn't sure" if the two will play Friday night versus Ohio, but said the Notre Dame is an important game to have them back for, so it's looking likely that he'll hold them out in preparation to have them back for the December 11th game against Notre Dame. Yes, that game is about month out, and they will likely return before then, but Cal just isn't going to rush them back until they're 100% while Kentucky is beating up on these smaller, easy-winning non-conference games.


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