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Devin Leary Not Afraid Of Kentucky Spotlight

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

We opened up '23 Media Day talking to the coaching staff then directly with the players. As one could expect, media flocked towards one of the newest faces of the program and quarterback number one, Devin Leary. He answered a few dozen questions and expressed what it was like to be a Kentucky Wildcat.

My main takeaway from his media opportunity is that he completely is aware of the spotlight he is going to face this season. Filling in for a role that just had the player drafted and even projected as a top-five pick all the way up until the final night, he acknowledges what he will have to face and if he thinks he has what it takes to handle it all.

He calls himself a "genuine leader." Leary also went on to describe his captain status, saying "Each and every day I'm going to come in as the same guy. I think all my teammates understand how I operate everyday, and like I said, when I step into the huddles it's the same way I approach leadership. Never get too hot, never get too low, and be consistent every day, and just strive for excellence the same way I push my teammates to."

One thing he has learned since working with his new team is exactly what they would like to build as a foundation to hopefully lead to a successful season. "As a team collectively, we want to bounce back from a year prior. That wasn't our brand of football, that wasn't what Kentucky Football was about. You know, we wanted to build this offseason into a true unity of a team. I think we did a good job of that but we just got to continue it into fall camp."

A successful season comes with constant efforts every single week because he understands that is what this program requires of him. "Each and every week you've got to bring your A-game, regardless of who you play in this league everyone's coming for your head. Everyone wants to win regardless of what the record is." His trip to Mississippi State in 2021 was a great learning experience as he prepares for a full season of SEC opponents that is quickly approaching.

Liam Coen mentioned in his press conference that Leary has a very high ceiling but is in many ways different than Will Levis. Says he doesn't seek out and spotlight or the cameras but accepts them if they are presented. In no way is he dissing Levis, but more of pointing out that Leary is more quiet and enjoys his alone time, while at the same time not being afraid of the requirements that are there for his new role.

We have plenty of access from today's event on our YouTube channel, including the interview with Liam that I just mentioned.

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