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Devin Leary Says He Is 100% Healed

Big news that surrounded Media Day this afternoon was Devin Leary, obviously. It was the first time reporters got to ask him questions, discuss the new system he's in, and find out how he's adjusting to his new program. In the mix of those questions, he dropped the nugget that he is currently injury free and is set to compete through the offseason.

"Here I am today, full healthy, one-hundred percent and with no restrictions feeling like the best shape I have ever been in," said Leary. He mentions his first goal when he arrived to town was to get healthy for his team last spring, which he executed it appears.

This is exciting news in most part because we don't have to drag out all summer the concern of his status and if he'd even be ready to go in time for the start of the season. Thankfully, all that's now out of the way. As a player who has been injured a lot in his career, one might wonder if he is tabbed as "injury-prone" but OC Liam Coen quickly addressed that it is not the case when it comes to his new quarterback. He wanted to rid that thought from fans following this season and be excited about the leader he hand selected.

After spending four seasons at NC State and throwing for 62 touchdowns and only 16 interceptions for 6800+ passing yards, you'd think that would do enough talking for his skillset, but I guess now it's just time for him to prove it at this level.

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