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Devin Leary To Have Limited Reps In Spring Practice

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

There is no hiding the fact that when the news broke that former NC State quarterback, Devin Leary, committed to Kentucky, there were concerns about the transfer's ability to stay healthy throughout an entire season. That was one of the major points of concern behind Leary's transfer decision - the fact that he only had one complete healthy season at his previous school.

When healthy in 2021, he was playing with the best of them. He was often paired up stat-wise with Alabama's Bryce Young, as he was the only other quarterback posting better numbers than Leary.

The season-ending injury for Leary was when he tore his pectoral muscle in his throwing arm during the game against Florida State that season. Leary described the injury as, "A very routine play. Very freak like." Leary also stated that, “The defensive tackle hit my arm mid throwing motion when I’m just about ready to release. Stopped all my momentum, and boom, tore the pectoral muscle right off my arm. I felt as though I had put enough on tape, and was ready to go to the NFL, so I wanted to just build on it last year. But getting hurt shifted my whole world around.”

However, good news for the Kentucky Wildcats is that Devin Leary's rehabilitation process appears to be ahead of schedule. As Leary discussed with Saturday Down South, he will be available during the Kentucky spring practice which begins next week, but will be limited on on a throw count. He says at the moment that there is no pain when throwing, but, “before we go ripping passes at 100 percent, we want it to be completely healed.”

The fact that Devin Leary will even be available for spring practice is a great sign that things are going well in his healing process. There is no reason for them to rush him back into things because honestly there is a reason as to why Leary was the most sought after quarterback in the entire transfer portal last year. Even with the limited amount of reps he'll be able to gain trust and experience with the Wildcats' young receiving group.

With Liam Coen back as the Offensive Coordinator for the Kentucky Wildcats, as well as Leary getting some reps in spring practice, it has me excited because I think the offense will be ahead of the learning curve in regards to getting Leary and all of the talented receivers on the same page. This could be a good sign of things to come for the Big Blue Nation who are eager to see an explosive offensive playing scheme come next fall.


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