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DeWayne Peevy accepts DePaul job, per reports.

Did Kentucky just lose Kenny Payne and DeWayne Peevy, two of John Calipari's most inside guys, within two days of each other?? It's looking so.

A report came out this morning from the DePaulia, the student newspaper at DePaul University, that DeWayne Peevy had accepted the job, becoming the new Athletic Director at the school.

DePaul has yet to announce the official hiring of Peevy, but I'm being told the public announcement should be coming on Tuesday afternoon.

As Kentucky continues to get hit hard this offseason due to their staff changes and losing nearly their entire roster, John Calipari is still fighting, bringing in the nations No.1 recruiting class, and making good hires to attempt to fill the big shoes of KP and DeWayne Peevy.

Kenny Payne and DeWayne Peevy are two of the most important people on Cal's staff, and I hope Kentucky finds the next best guys to come into the program and pick up where they're leaving off.


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