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DeWayne Peevy officially hired at DePaul

The news became official this afternoon, as DeWayne Peevy has became the new Athletic Director at DePaul University.

Reports first come out on August 17th that DePaul was showing significant interest in DeWayne Peevy, then things started to pick up a little more on August 20th when it appeared that Peevy and DePaul had come to agreement on the terms of the deal.

Today, it finally happened. As Kentucky is definitely taking a hit in losing Peevy, DePaul gains someone who will benefit and grow their programs greatly. I envisioned Peevy falling into Mitch Barnhart job whenever the day came that he retired, but a better offer has came along.

With DeWayne Peevy headed to the state of Illinois, I'm not ruling out that return to Kentucky in the near future if Barnhart decided to bail ship.

Congrats to DeWayne Peevy and I hope to see him employed back in Lexington at a later date.

(Picture credit: KY Kernel)


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