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Dontaie Allen's Uncle Posted This To A UK Facebook Group

You can give this thing life or you can just let it fly on by, but I figured I'd at least point it out to you. Dontaie Allen's uncle posted to a UK group on Facebook, named Cal's Cats, that he wished that his nephew would transfer this offseason...

While I personally think that Dontaie Allen should transfer this offseason, I don't think that he will. He could go to a smaller school and get plenty of more (deserved) reps, but to me he seems to be the kind of guy that will fight through any obstacle he's dealt. While that's a great trait of his, I just unfortunately don't think John Calipari will be the one to budge, and I think that he (Dontaie) might suffer from it. Either he's going to have to be given a perfect opportunity to come back in and make his presence worth something, or look elsewhere for it. I'm afraid the latter might be his best chance.

It's clear that people close to him aren't too happy with his role in Lexington, but that doesn't necessarily reflect how he feels about it. For now, all we can do is speculate, but this summer will tell a lot.

It would be a huge loss and an embarrassment to the program if Kentucky loses the kid, but someone needs to inform Cal that it's a real possibility.


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