Dontaie Allen To Return To Kentucky

One of the bigger stories that has been anticipated this summer was if Dontaie Allen would transfer out of Kentucky or make a return.

The former Mr. KY Basketball star had an exceptional season during his freshman season, averaging 5.4 PPG, 1.6 RPG and 0.3 APG. Over 25 games, Allen shot for 39% from the field, 39% from the three, and 64% from the free throw line, cementing himself as one of the teams best shooters.

On Monday morning, the Falmouth Outlook announced - which is the hometown newspaper of where Dontaie Allen is from - that he would be returning for a sophomore season.

“He is definitely returning! His plan is to come home and work harder than ever before and return to UK for his sophomore season, and I fully support his decision." said Dontaie's mother, April-Allen Thomas.

This is big news, because Dontaie Allen is that rare multi-year kind of player, that is an extremely valuable asset for his team. In my opinion, if he (Cal) would've lost Allen this summer to a smaller school, he would've been getting a lot of crap for it, and wouldn't no one feel sorry for him. A lot of credit goes to Dontaie himself, because he seems as if he is one of those players who will stick it out though anything - even if done wrong - and won't just quit when things get hard, like most other players would. That itself, says a lot about his character, and for this news, I am extremely happy.

Watching one of our own, live out our childhood dreams and find success playing basketball for the Cats. Can't wait to see what comes in the rest of his career here.

For the full story by the Falmouth Outlook, click the link below:


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