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Eastern Kentucky Fall Scenery Is Top Tier

We all hate to see summer come to a bittersweet end but in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, there is one bright side to the seasons changing. The breathtaking scenery that comes with the changing color of leaves not only indicates that it’s football season and almost basketball season, it also makes for some amazing photography.

Pictured below are photos that have been submitted from various places throughout the area that I think you’ll enjoy.

(Submitted by Ben Slusher. Middlesboro Football Field)

(Submitted by Peyton Blackburn. Wheelwright, Ky.)

(Submitted by Jordan Garnett. Black Mountain.)

(All three submitted by Travis Centers. Pine Mountain.)

(Both submitted by Dalton Ritchie Mullins. Carr Fork Lake.)

(Submitted by Aaron Johnson. Pine Mountain.)

(Submitted by Jaylan Hall)

(Submitted by Kyton Joseph. Cumberland Gap National Park.)

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