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End Of The Season Statistical Leaders

Updated: May 18, 2021

With the regular season finally coming to an end, and Kentucky capping off their worst season in program history on a pretty good note, by winning 4 of the last 6, it's time to tally up the total stats from each player to see who had the most production throughout the entire season.

The Wildcats finished with a 9-15 record, and an 8-9 conference record, leaving them with a one-road map to reaching the big tournament, by winning-out in the SEC Tournament. A task that will require them to win four straight games, which they have yet to do all season.

Below lists all of the major statistical categories, with its leaders in order.

(*Terrence Clarke is not included in this list, as his numbers are inflated extremely high.)

Let's get straight to it.


Total Points Per Game

  1. BJ Boston (12.0)

  2. Davion Mintz (11.3)

  3. Olivier Sarr (10.7)

Top-Eight Total Points Scored

  1. BJ Boston (287 points)

  2. Davion Mintz (272 points)

  3. Olivier Sarr (256 points)

  4. Isaiah Jackson (204 points)

  5. Devin Askew (163 points)

  6. Keion Brooks (155 points)

  7. Jacob Toppin (124 points)

  8. Dontaie Allen (95 points)

Total Rebounds Per Game

  1. Keion Brooks (6.9)

  2. Isaiah Jackson (6.8)

  3. Olivier Sarr (5.2)

Total Assists Per Game

  1. Devin Askew (3.0)

  2. Davion Mintz (2.9)

  3. Keion Brooks (1.6)

Total Steals Per Game

  1. BJ Boston (1.4)

  2. Davion Mintz (1.0)

  3. Devin Askew (0.9)

Total Blocks Per Game

  1. Isaiah Jackson (2.6)

  2. Olivier Sarr (1.3)

  3. Keion Brooks (0.9)

Total Minutes Played Per Game

  1. BJ Boston (30.6)

  2. Davion Mintz (30.6)

  3. Devin Askew (29.3)

  4. Olivier Sarr (25.2)

Total Turnovers Per Game

  1. Olivier Sarr (2.1)

  2. Devin Askew (2.1)

  3. Davion Mintz (2.0)

Best Overall Field Goal Percentage

  1. Isaiah Jackson (.542)

  2. Cam'Ron Fletcher (.538) - 8 games played

  3. Olivier Sarr (.473)

Best Overall 3-Point Percentage

  1. Olivier Sarr (.478)

  2. Dontaie Allen (.385)

  3. Davion Mintz (.369)

Best Overall Free Throw Percentage

  1. Devin Askew (.806)

  2. BJ Boston (.785)

  3. Olivier Sarr (.784)

It's interesting to look back and see who was the most effective in each category, and to see which ones were obvious that would show up, and which ones completely shocked you. I only gathered the glorified stats that everyone prefer to see, but I would love to see a chart like this that broke down things such as the +/- of when a player is on the floor, wins vs. losses when certain players play, and on the road vs. home game statistics.

For now, this will do.


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