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FB Post Looks Back At Wan'Dale Robinson's Crazy HS Career

(Photo via UK Athletics)

I had the privilege of watching Wan'Dale Robinson's High School career from the start, being that he was a freshman during my senior year at Western Hills in Frankfort. Before all the offers, before all the state-wide attention, before the SEC standout you see every Saturday on your TV, he ran the tables in KHSAA.

I can say from the very first moment he stepped foot on that field (started varsity as a freshman), he threatened every school record in his path. From the get go, it was obvious he was destined to do big things with the pigskin.

A Facebook post which has got a lot of attention recently (deservedly so), takes a look back into his High School career through his stats, and not even I realized just how crazy his pre-collegiate career was.



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