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Final Stats Following Georgia Loss

Kentucky is now halfway through their season and have just one loss with five wins. That only loss came down in Georgia on Saturday night, 51-13. The stats, as they pretty much always do, tell the story.

The passing was again very minimal, but I think the major story is the defense finally didn't look as elite as we have become accustomed to in the Brad White era. This was just the eighth time the last 56 games that the UK defense allowed their opponent to score more than 30 points in a game, which showcases just hot talented Georgia's offense is.

Ray Davis has shown to be honestly the best offensive weapon this team has and definitely the most consistent one on the team. If it wasn't for relying on him to produce so many carries, Kentucky may not have scored. Davis being used as the primary option as well as the bail out plan when passes aren't landing is what gave Kentucky any kind of life last night. We owe a lot of praise to him because he's been phenomenal this year.

FINAL: #1 Georgia 51, #20 Kentucky 13


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