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Final Stats From Missouri Loss

Kentucky has lost their second game in a row after a hot 5-0 start. A team that was desperately needing some momentum heading into the bye week is now 5-2 with an unforgiving schedule awaiting their return.

I can tell you from the jump, the stats are horrific. They showcase just how laughable this performance was on top of the fact that they started 14-0 over the Tigers and it concluded in the fashion that it did. Just a frustrating loss for a team with no identity. Here are the final stats.

After the bye week, Kentucky will host Tennessee, travel to Mississippi State, host Alabama, travel to South Carolina and then lastly at Louisville to end the regular season. That's 5 games left. What do you think their record will be in those? I got a lot of negative responses when I asked the ol' Twitter machine tonight.


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