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Final Stats In Kentucky 81-61 Win Versus TAMC

Kentucky took on the fighting Texas A&M-Commerce basketball squad tonight in Rupp Arena in which the Cats won in what could be described as a "tune-up" game before facing #1 ranked Kansas in a battle of the bluebloods Monday evening. Although the Cats started out rough and at one point faced a deficit of 13 points, the backcourt quickly gained their footing by getting out into the open and forcing their hand on fast break opportunities.

As Kentucky won fairly easily, here are your final stats among the two teams.

You know what they say, "A win is a win. A win is a win." Needless to say, the tape will show some glaring errors and things to keep fans optimistic on the future of the team. With that being said, 2-0 is a lot better than 1-1.

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