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Final Stats In Kentucky's Win Over Tennessee

The Kentucky versus Tennessee game today in Knoxville was absolute cinema in every stretch of the imagination. From tip off to the final few seconds of the second half this was a knockdown, drag-out matchup against the two rivals. The start of the game was not a very pretty one, especially for Tennessee. The Volunteers were struggling to get anything to go down in the first half as Kentucky held Tennessee to just 25 percent from the field and 29 first half points.

Tennessee didn't go away easily as they shot extremely well in the second half due to a lot of help from most the likely SEC Player of the Year for the 2023-24 season, Dalton Knecht. Knecht was fourteen-for-twenty-nine on the game and had an outstanding forty points in the loss against Kentucky, a career-high. Even though Knecht went nuclear today, the combined seventy points by Antonio Reeves, Reed Sheppard, and Justin Edwards was too much for the Vols to compete with.

What told the story tonight about Kentucky getting the victory over Tennessee was their shear determination that every time Tennessee would go on a run. They handled that like a championship caliber team and matched them bucket for bucket. Whether it was Sheppard, Reeves, Edwards, or even Dillingham, when Kentucky needed a bucket to quiet the Tennessee faithful, they got it. Their three-point shooting as a whole (15 made threes) helped ease the road crowd.

Kentucky had a lot riding on this game tonight against Tennessee in regards to seeding in the SEC Tournament. Of course, Tennessee has the number one overall seed but seeds two through six have been jockeying for position over the last couple of weeks. If I have done my calculations correct, with an Auburn win tonight against Georgia then Kentucky will secure themselves a double-bye in the SEC Tournament with a two-seed. This is huge for Kentucky because their first game won't be until 7:00 pm EST on Friday, March 15th, avoiding the Thursday night game.

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