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Final Stats In Loss At LSU

Well, I'm not sure how other to describe that outcome than heartbreaking. We could get into the argument that the game shouldn't have even been that close if you hadn't blown a 15-point lead in the second half but I don't have the effort to get into that at the moment. I'm just at a loss of words right now. For a team that got their mojo back on their win down at No. 13 Auburn on Saturday night this is sure a knife to the chest. It's approaching midnight and this sucks. I can't lie.

The final score in Kentucky's trip to Louisiana on Wednesday night was 75-74 at the final buzzer, following this prayer of a final attempt by Tyrell Ward.

A big-time shot with 12 seconds to go on the other end by Rob Dillingham to fuel his 21 second half points will likely be erased from the memories of many after this happened on the follow-up possession. A team that has struggled all season long has opened its door to a Kentucky team that has found immense success on the road this season and it just needed a minute more for the Wildcats it seems.

Antonio Reeves sixteen first half points (25 total) and Rob Dillingham's 23 total points kept things close for Kentucky as they combined for 48 of the team's 74 points. On the other hand, your point guard in DJ Wagner played for 21 minutes and never scored a point. That just cannot happen. It's a given to lose a performance when that happens. We've seen what this team is like without him on the floor, so with he being on the floor but providing no production it will result in something very similar.

Also, you had plenty of opportunities to win this one. LSU missed 11 free-throws and 16 lay-up as a team. Things could have been worse. But somehow, you found yourself up 42-27 with 19 minutes to go and you blew it to a 13-12 team. Just very frustrating and another close game loss to add to the pile.

Here's the box score from the matchup.

As a team, Kentucky shot 43.5% from the field, 40% from the three-point line, and 100% from the free-throw line. A pretty solid shooting night that had a hot start and a hot finish, with not very much happening in between.

Now the Wildcats are 18-8 in 26 games and will host a top-fifteen Alabama team inside Rupp Arena this Saturday. Three games left at home and five left in the regular season. A lot to take in from here...

Let's wrap up this game and call it a night.

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