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Florida Fan Gets Ejected For 'Wrap-Up' With Cason Wallace

I wouldn't expect anything different from a Florida fan if I'm being honest with myself and you. The creatures that have managed to crawl out of the depths of Gainesville hell decided to act a fool when the Wildcats came to town to ruin their 'Stripe Out' party. I understand it's a big deal when the Cats come to town (even on mid years) but the cream always rises to the top and that's exactly what happened tonight.

So if you were watching live, you noticed a few fans were sitting court-side watching their team lose (all the way up to right before this play that tied the game), and an offensive switch had Cason Wallace running down the baseline past where they were sitting. Unbeknown to him, they were standing up cheering which ended up leading to a wrap-up between a fan and a player. Now just read the last eight words to the previous sentence: a wrap-up between a fan and a player. Before even seeing the video, we must agree that whether on accident or on purpose, this can never happen in any game, right? And if it ever does, which it did tonight, the fan deserves immediate adjustment to their seats inside the arena. They don't necessarily have to leave the arena but they must be moved many, many rows away from the floor. Immediately. No excuses.

Here is the clip from the moment in the game that had fans livid online.

The fan was asked to leave the arena and seemed to think that he did no wrong. The fans who were next to him even tried to promote an applause for the guy on his way out. The TV broadcasters of Tom Hart and Jimmy Dykes verbally grilled the fan on live television, rightfully so, saying the Florida fan "should never be allowed in a SEC arena again."

Maybe the guy was just upset about that field storming in Lexington in 2021? Or watching his team lose to Kentucky twice this season (sweep)? Or maybe it's the fact that Kentucky has won every single one of their last 5 trips to Exactech Arena in Gainesville and he is flat out tired of suffering through it. Who knows? But no matter what the scenario is, these players must be protected during games and should not be liable to any type or risk from a third party person not wearing a jersey. I thought that Cason Wallace handled this very well as he hardly didn't even react to the situation and never let it take his mind away from the ball game for any following possessions.

Looking for what's to come for both programs in the near future, Florida is now 14-14 on the season and are dreaming of the days that Billy Donovan was there actually going above .500 as a program. As for Kentucky, they move on to 19-9 and are trying to see which seed they will end up with for the NCAA Tournament next month.

The two simply do not compare. Go Cats.



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