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Kiyaunta Goodwin Hits The Portal

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

The transfer portal giveth and it taketh. Today, it's the latter. Former five-star tackle Kiyaunta Goodwin will look for another school, according to multiple sources.

Goodwin, the freshman out of Charlestown, Indiana, will leave Lexington after one season with the Cats. The highly regarded, 6'8" 351 pound stud got seemingly no playing time in his lone year in Kentucky blue. Goodwin was involved in some capacity in every game throughout the 2022 season, but was limited to special teams.

With a struggling offensive line, with essentially no identity, many fans questioned the decision not to play Goodwin. Stoops was asked by yours truly about Goodwin's lack of playing time early on in the season and his answer was that Stoops and Co. wanted to work him into a game and had not gotten the chance to do so.

As the weeks went on, Goodwin seemed more and more of a lost cause, playing second string in a not so pleasant offensive line group. As the next season looms, the talent and the body is there, but the weight and fundamentals will be a task for Goodwin to continue striving for improvement.

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