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Former Louisville Basketball Assistant Dino Gaudio Faces Federal Charges

You'd think once the University of Louisville came through and cleaned house by getting rid of their Athletic Director, Head Coach and the rest of his staff, things would be turning for the better within their basketball program... but if there is one thing I've learned in my lifetime, it's that Louisville Basketball and scandals go together like Coke and Jim Beam. Right when you separate the two, and keep things going positive in your life, you can just feel it staring even harder at you from the depths of your refrigerator. Well, Louisville now has the NCAA (once again) staring directly at them, making this their FOURTH scandal in the last six seasons.

It has been announced on Tuesday afternoon that former Louisville basketball assistant Dino Gaudio has been federally charged with extortion. Gaudio has allegedly threatened to expose numerous recruiting and on-campus violations to the public "unless the University of Louisville paid defendant Dino Gaudio his salary for an additional 17 months or provided the lump sum equivalent of 17 months salary.”

Gaudio claims the Louisville program has violated NCAA rules during its production of recruiting videos for potential players/recruits, along with the team’s use of graduate assistants in their practices. “While I cannot comment on the details or substance of the matter, I am grateful for the professionalism of members of law enforcement and the United States Attorney’s Office,” Louisville head coach Chris Mack added. “The University and I were the victims of Coach Gaudio’s conduct and I will continue to fully cooperate with authorities in their investigations. We takes seriously any allegation of NCAA violations within our basketball program and will work within the NCAA processes to fully review the allegations.”

Add this scandal to the long list of the past ones, that compare to the lengths of Christmas lists I had as a child. Long and almost never ending.

Chris Mack better have enjoyed that one win they got this year, because it doesn't look like things are getting any better for them in the near future.

Louisville Basketball is BACK baby.



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