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Game Preview: Texas A&M Aggies

Kentucky squares off with Texas A&M in the Quarterfinals of the SEC Tournament in Nashville. After two wins last week, including a win down at No. 4 Tennessee, the Wildcats have moved up to number nine in the AP Poll this week and are most likely a three-seed in the NCAA Tournament if the season was to end today. This weekend is a great chance to boost our seed with an opportunity for multiple resume-boosting wins in this conference tournament.

The Aggies entered the year with a lot of hope as they returned multiple starters including Wade Taylor IV who is a First-Team All-SEC player. The season did not start the right way for Buzz Williams' squad, but now here in March they sit at 19-13 (9-9 in the SEC) with wins over Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi State. The Aggies are currently on the fringe of an NCAA Tournament birth. A win over Kentucky would put them in the tournament and a loss would most likely put them on the wrong side of the bubble, so it's a big day for the maroon.

A&M's offense has been uncharacteristically bad and unreliable this season. They are averaging only 73.6 points per game which is ranked 194th in college basketball. They rely on their experience and physicality to win ball games. They also rebound at the 3rd highest clip in the country. On the offensive side of things, the Aggies shoot 39.6% from the field which is tabbed as last in the SEC, and shoot 27% from the three which is also last amongst their foes. Their offense is so dangerous because of junior guard Wade Taylor IV. The All-SEC guard averages 18.1 points per game and shoots 30% from three-point line which is a little misleading because he shoots a high volume of shots. His ability to get going from three-point range forces teams to pay a lot of attention to him. If the 'Cats force Taylor to take very bad shots and not get red-hot from deep, I have a good feeling the 'Cats will handle the Aggies this time around.

Physicality is the key to the game today for Kentucky. The reason we lost the first time is that TA&M just bullied Kentucky in every aspect of the game. It also didn't help that Kentucky couldn't get shots falling and then went ice cold in overtime play. But recently the 'Cats have gotten more physical and have been handling their own and I think they will be ready for the Aggies. In their game last night vs. Ole Miss, Wade scored 20 points on 15 shots to defeat the Rebels. Defensively, Priority number one for Kentucky needs to be locking down his offensive stretches in every opportunity. He put up 31 points when the blue went to College Station back in January.

Nashville is filled with Kentucky fans who are all pumped for a March run. That starts this weekend in Nashville. Let's take care of business in this tournament like we used to and not leave the Music City until Sunday.

Kentucky plays at 7:00 PM EST/6:00 PM CST from Bridgestone Arena.


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