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Hey Siri, Take Me To The Middle Of Nowhere: Starkville.

Cats Coverage is on the road!

This morning, myself and Jordan Mathus, a longtime best friend of mine and writer for the site, decided to jump in the car and make the trip down to Starkville. We did not take the trip to South Carolina or Georgia, so this will be our first road trip of the season.

When Kentucky takes down the Bulldogs, we'll be right there to watch it happen. A long day of driving (7.5 hours to be exact), and being twenty toes deep into unknown territory, we'll need your help. If you know any good restaurants, bars, shops, or anywhere we need to stop at, let us know! Still are unsure if we're making the drive back after the game, or coming back Sunday. Who knows what we might swindlin' our way into if we stay down there for the night.

A win could also lead to an exciting post-game livestream by us... so stay tuned. If that's something you'd like to see, then like this post at the bottom where the red heart is. If this gets to 20 likes (on the article - not twitter), consider it done, win or lose.

Direct message me throughout the day if you'll be at the game and maybe we can come say hi to you before the game.

Starkville, open the gates.


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