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Highlights From Kentucky's Entire Trip To The Bahamas

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

With no more basketball involving the Kentucky Wildcats to come for at least another two months, these highlights from this trip will be all we have to obsess over until the official season gets here with the Blue-White game and Big Blue Madness. So if I were you, I'd save this article and watch these four game highlights over and over again as if they were going out of style. I know I will be. These four games will have been watched ten times each myself by the time the season gets here without a doubt in my mind.

Here are the highlights from each game.

Game 1 win over the Dominican Republic National Team, 108-56.

Game 2 win over Tec de Monterrey, 102-40.

Game 3 win over Carleton University, 118-56.

Game 4 win over the Bahamas National Team, 98-74.

Let's do this again in another four seasons why don't we?



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