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If it was four years later, De'Aaron Fox's college career could've looked a little different

Just last week, one of the nations top basketball players, Makur Maker, committed to Howard University, a historically black college/university.

Another top prospect from the class of 2023, Mikey Williams, has hinted multiple times about committing to a HBCU when the time comes.

When Makur made his announcement on Twitter, Mikey even commented this.

With the protesting and police brutality movements taking place all across the country, it's definitely becoming a trend to consider going to a HBCU rather than a blue-blood program. Even though Makur is the first elite prospect to actually do it, I see more athletes doing it in the near future.

Anyways, let's get to the topic that brought you here. De'Aaron Fox.

De'Aaron Fox took it to twitter to post about his decision to choose the college he wanted to, rather than having his parents choose one for him. "I told my parents word for word 'I want to know what y'all think, but I'm going where I want to go.' It should be the kids ultimate decision."

In the comments, he was asked if he could change where he went to school, would he have went to a HBCU?

He responded:

De'Aaron Fox says it could've been a real option in todays world, with everything going on with BLM. He said he would've tried to bring a few guys with him as well. You can't help but wonder, would he have taken Malik Monk with him? Bam Adebayo as well?

Things would've been a lot different for the 2016-17 season in Lexington if that was the case. Thankfully, we got our season with those guys, and a great tournament run that had potential for title nine.

College athletes are starting to realize how much their voices matter and are taking steps towards creating change with them.

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