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Immanuel Quickley drops pre-Draft vlog

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Immanjuel Quickley has been spending most of his quarantine summer training for the NBA Draft. Day after day he posts clips to social media after spending hours in the gym, taking no days off as he fights for the night he finally hears his named called and gets to walk across that stage (or maybe virtually on a screen this year) to his new home.

Over recent weeks, he has created a yoiutbue channel to document his life and journey of making it to the league.

Give it a watch:

While we will miss IQ, we'll support him as he goes through his journey of becoming a professional basketball player and building his legacy further on.

The Wildcat is projected to hear his name called some point in the second round. If he doesn't get called then, I have complete confidence he will be picked up by a franchise by the end of the night.


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