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Important Takeaways from Mark Stoops' Press-Conference

Mark Stoops met with the media Thursday afternoon to "preview" South Carolina. This will be one of the last times he talks to the media, unless the Cats accept a bowl bid.

Here are my takeaways:

Practice went well this week

In Stoops' opening statement, he said that practice this week went very well and complimented the guys on coming to practice ready to go even with finals going on.

Stoops has thought about the future, but didn't comment further

Stoops was asked about the future and decisions that will be made. He said that he's been thinking about it, but didn't comment further saying, "I don't think it's important to comment any further at this time."

Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio hinted at changes to the staff earlier this week and said that we could hear some news as soon as Sunday. What does that entail? Who knows. But, it does sound like some changes will be made.

I know a lot of the fan base wants Eddie Gran to be fired since the offense hasn't looked much better since the debacle at Missouri.

COVID test results will be released tomorrow morning

These past two weeks, Kentucky has been without some key players due to injury and COVID-19. Stoops said that the round of tests this week will be released tomorrow morning, so we should know who is available very soon.

The Cats have been without stars like Chris Rodriguez for the past two weeks.

All options are on the table when it comes to improving this offseason

With players graduating, de-commitments, and opt-outs, Stoops was asked about what they will do to improve the roster for next season.

Stoops said, "We'll look at all options on ways to improve this roster. We are always looking to improve and will do whatever we can to make sure that happens."

Grumbling and grumbling, but no questions asked

Safe to say there has been a lot of negativity coming out from some current and former players. Negative post-game comments and social media posts have been plentiful in the past fourteen days, but we expect UK media to ask the tough questions? Cmon.

I guess we'll know how things really went this Saturday.

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