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Injury Bug Brings Big Opportunity For Highly Touted Freshman

After an unfortunate upper extremity injury for star linebacker JJ Weaver, it is very likely that Keaten Wade will be listed as a starting outside linebacker in Weaver's place, at least short-term.

Wade, the 6-5 237 pound freshman out of Spring Hill, Tennessee, is one of many freshmen on this Kentucky team looking to make an early impact. When Wade was made aware of the Weaver injury, for him it was a 'next man up' mentality. "Just step up and try to fill his spot," said the freshman.

And Wade did just that. Substituting Weaver after that first defensive drive, he finished the game with 3 tackles and 0.5 sacks. The freshman has been labeled as a guy who is always in the middle of plays and that is exactly what the tape will tell you. Although Stoops made it clear that JJ Weaver should be back sooner rather than later, NIU should be a great opportunity for the true freshman to get some valuable playing time, because that is something that can never be replicated.

The media will meet with head coach Mark Stoops on Monday and will also have an updated depth chart, where presumably we will get a second string on that side for the NIU game. Keep up with everything Mark Stoops says about the depth of the Jack and an update on Weaver's injury by following Cats Coverage and Jordan Mathus on Twitter.

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