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Iowa Quarterback To Transfer To Kentucky

Fresh off of beating the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Citrus Bowl, UK manages to get a transfer from the Hawkeyes as well. Iowa redshirt Freshman quarterback, Deuce Hogan, decided to make the move to Lexington. The 6'4" quarterback from Southlake, Texas will more than likely be coming to Lexington as a walk on, however, it is always nice to have more depth at a position such as QB to help the others get better in practice.

Hogan entered the transfer portal on December 5th after Iowa Head Coach, Kirk Ferentz, made some pretty harsh remarks about the back up QB.

Even if this is a harmless jab at the quarterback, I believe I would feel some type of way as well if I were him.

In 2020, Hogan came to Iowa as a 4-star recruit via both ESPN and These two sites also had Hogan listed as a top 20 "pro-style" type QB prospect. A lot of people will say, "we already have a quarter back in Levis" or "He's not good enough to earn the starting position" and those people may be correct, however, this has to say something about how far the University of Kentucky has come as a program when a former 4-star recruit just two classes ago is willing to come be a walk-on and wait his turn for a shot at the starting job.

I am sure though that the NIL money a lot of UK athletes are getting is definitely an incentive to coming to UK. If Big Ten teams don't want their 4-star recruits I say they are more than welcome here at Kentucky in my humble opinion.

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