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Isaiah Jackson gets drafted to the Pacers

For the 12th straight season, Kentucky has a player selected in the first round - the most in the Common Draft Era.

Isaiah Jackson leads the way for the Wildcats on 'Graduation Day' this summer. The former Cat was selected No. 22 overall, by the Washington Wizards, who received the pick from the Los Angeles Lakers, in which they traded their pick to the Indiana Pacers for Aaron Holiday.

Yes, I know, that was confusing as hell. I'm sure just as confusing as the draft pick himself was as he was walking up to shake NBA commissioner Adam Silvers hand, wearing a Lakers hat, as the news came across the screen that the Wizards now owned the pick (Isaiah still not knowing), then within a solid three minutes Shams Charania (NBA Insider) announced that the Wizards pick would be sent to the Indiana Pacers in a trade package. The former Lexington star had already been tossed through two organizations before sitting back down in his seat.

With all the dust settling, Isaiah Jackson is officially an Indiana Pacer. Two and half hours down the road, and I know for certain he won't have one game his rookie season where there isn't a UK logo in the crowd.

I'm happy for the kid. Isaiah wasn't even a lock for our starting five rotation when he arrived. Fast forward to today, he was the only one off of last years roster selected in the first round, and may very well be the only one drafted... BJ Boston and Olivier Sarr will be fighting for a second round pick. They both could be chosen, but if you're a betting man, I think you go with Boston going somewhere between the 35-50th picks, and Olivier Sarr going undrafted.

Twitter on Isaiah's big night:

Go be great, Isaiah.



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