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John Calipari Addresses Big Z Situation (Again)

On Wednesday we received a message online posted by Zvonimir "Big Z" Ivisic that he was frustrated like the rest of us from having to still wait on the NCAA to make up their mind on his eligibility with Kentucky and that he also decided to make a trip back home to Croatia for Christmas to be with his family. It was a personally typed up note on his phone's notes app which ended in, "I'm hoping to hear that I can play soon."

The Croatian recruit has missed all 11 games for Kentucky this season and has only been seen in pregame warmups a handful of times. After sicknesses, injuries, everything you can throw at the wall that Calipari has said he's had to deal with over the last few weeks, we've not gotten to see a whole lot of basketball footage from the big man.

Following Kentucky's win over Louisville Thursday night, the final question in the postgame press conference was the head coach being asked about Big Z's social media post and if the staff has heard anything else since then.

After confirming that the news is true on him going back home for the holidays, he responded with "Nothing's changed... All that he's been through, for his sake, I'm good with it. He's going to go home and be back before the Illinois state game. Hopefully we hear something."

John also goes into a rant on the NCAA and how they couldn't even justify not granting Big Z eligibility with the team in which you watch here on our YouTube Channel. As to when we will have answer, I think we're just going to have to pump the breaks because the organization is closing its doors for the rest of the year (literally) and opening back up the operation on January 2nd. That's in part on why the Kentucky signee is going to go spend some time back with his family after spending all this time in a completely different country just training and awaiting his ruling. That's got to be extremely hard don't you think? Calipari said he (Big Z) is even losing sleep over it.

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