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John Calipari Gives Update On His Teams Health Status

We've been missing Davion Mintz for three games now, and also missing Keion Brooks for the North Florida game. Daimion Collins missed the pregame shoot-around for Central Michigan on Monday night, but did end up playing 25 minutes. Cal announced the day after that Daimion Collins was sick and would be out for a few days.

This team is fighting the troubles that come with the weather change this time of the year, and this week stretch between games couldn't have came at a better time.

“We are so beat up and sick, thank goodness we’re not playing." Cal confirms that someone on the team currently has strep throat, and one had mono. "Today’s practice will probably have seven players there and like two managers."

"We are sanitizing everything in the path of our team. The lodge, the bathrooms, the common areas, the balls, the weight room. And we’re sick. Then I was asking, ‘Is any other team in here sick? Or are we the only ones sick?’ ”

If Davion Mintz isn't available for Tuesday nights game versus Southern, then there is no doubt it's covid-related and these terms were just cover ups. November 19th was the last time that Davion Mintz played in a game. The 8-days off between Central Michigan and Southern was well needed and gives this team time to heal up from illnesses.



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