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John Calipari Introduces Zvonimir Ivisic

Cal is back on his his Cal-isms and is in pure form for the basketball season that is quickly creeping up on us. The head coach knows how to market his program and when you have a 7-foot-2 international recruit that has his entire arrival being awaited, those two worlds are going to marinate well.

We got our official introduction to "Big Z" at Big Blue Madness Friday night, but today the UK social media team put out and introduction video where the one and only John Calipari interviewed the newest Cat. It was great. Take a look.

Led by a 30+ minute heads up to inform fans of the upcoming video, it all took place in Coach Cal's office with all the shiny hardware in the background and a one-on-one between the two. They hit the pronunciation of Zvonimir Ivisic's first and last name, his personal background, and the final line of "He gonna be good" by the man in charge.

I put out on Twitter shortly after that I really enjoyed it. Yeah, it wasn't the coolest video of all-time, but again, who expected it to be? We already know Cal can be corny, and listen, in the midst of the preseason, that is okay. I took it as another hype implement put out to help catapult fans into another hopeful year and also to see the program go the extra effort to make fans interested. This is Cal in his best form and he and Ivisic both looked extremely happy during the moment, so that was my biggest takeaway. While there are no wins and losses to argue about, we can enjoy this little moment, can't we?

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