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John Calipari Provides An Update On CJ Fredrick

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

The day before Kentucky's first official game of the season, John Calipari held his weekly press conference and addressed some final offseason concerns before the schedule gets under way.

Throughout Big Blue Madness, the Blue-White scrimmage and two exhibition games, we have yet to see Iowa transfer CJ Fredrick take the court outside of a few minutes during BBM. In mid-July, Fredrick underwent a 'minor surgery' on his leg, rehabbing him for the summer with an expected return shortly after the season started.

Things got a little weird at Media Day in late October when reporters asked CJ Fredrick how he was feeling and his response being that he was "ready to go," then just a half hour before that John Calipari was saying that CJ Fredrick was long off and hasn't even began practicing with the team. Those two takes just don't add up... This whole injury has been weird in my opinion. One side saying one thing, and the other side saying something completely different. Weird.

Anyways, CJ Fredrick started practicing with the team this weekend, getting in two days of practice before the team made the trip to New York on Monday.

"He practiced Saturday a little bit and Sunday as well. He’s practicing today a little bit. My guess is I may throw him in a minute or two, let him run up and down, but this probably isn’t that game." said John Calipari.

CJ is on the jump to start working his way into this rotation as the season progresses, but I don't see him actually contributing until January or later. No need to rush him back and risk re-injury, but will be a great 'late' addition to this team midseason.



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