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John Calipari Provides Update On Cason Wallace's Leg Injury

Down one point guard already (Wheeler), Kentucky has been limited to relying on Cason Wallace's authority at running the offense since the Florida game in early February. Tonight was no different as they tried winning one more in front of the home crowd before embarking on the postseason just next week.

Just moments after halftime, with 18:20 left to play, the worst thing that could happen to this team went into full effect. Kentucky's point guard goes down with a leg injury and never returned to the matchup for the rest of the evening. He left the floor with 6 points in 20 total minutes, with 2 rebounds and 1 assist in what would be his final game inside Rupp Arena as a Wildcat. Although the freshman has not yet officially declared for the NBA Draft, it's been all but written on his legacy here since the day he committed that it was his path. I'd bet my life savings that he won't, unfortunately, be in a UK uniform next season.

Here is the clip of Cason Wallace injuring his lower left leg on a play, forcing himself to leave the court and receive medical treatment by the staff.

In John Calipari's postgame radio interview with Tom Leach, he was asked if he could provide an update on the projected first-round draft pick. "The x-ray, he is fine. There is no swelling. Hopefully Saturday (a return), but we don't know... Hopefully he'll be fine, but we will figure it out. There's no excuses at this time of the year," as he ended his interview and called it a night, keeping it simple and concerning for what might become.

Kentucky has spent weeks building up their confidence and their resume by grinding out tough wins at home and on the road, and for something like this to happen is such a tremendous blow. And I don't think it's far off to say that without Cason, this team doesn't go very far into March. We saw the second that he exited the offense essentially crumbled, as it was steal after steal, most coming near the halfcourt line as the ball had little to no protection from the guards. An entire second half without Wallace bumped the Commodores into going on a run after the half, stealing a revenge win in Lexington to spoil the Cats' Senior Night.


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