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John Calipari Provides Update On CJ Fredrick

Photos by Chet White | UK Athletics

Former Covington Catholic star and Iowa transfer, CJ Fredrick, had a surgery take place in mid-July to repair the plantar fasciitis in his left foot, a problem he had been dealing with since last season at Iowa.

On a question concerning Dontaie Allen finally having help at shooting this season, John Calipari provided an update on Fredrick: "CJ has not started (practicing). I'm hoping within the next two weeks he'll be on the floor with us. So, we haven't seen what he adds to that, but we are shooting the ball. I'm really pleased with it. Guys are competing. "

Says that he is still sidelined from his surgery that he had done this summer. " We're taking it slow. He's somebody we're going to need, and I'm not going to have him come back, and I'm telling the trainers, don't bring him back early."

It was only expected to be 4-6 when the news broke on July 17th, which would have put him at a return about a week ago. It appears he will need just a little longer, maybe towards the last week of September.



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