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John Calipari's Goodbye Message

Updated: Apr 9

Whether you find yourself on the side that felt like it was time for a split between Kentucky and its head coach or you found yourself feeling like this fanbase was running the one guy needed for the position completely out of town, I think we can all come to agreement that today was undisputedly a very sad day for the Big Blue Nation.

This state, this sport, and this aggressively passionate fanbase has spent 15 consecutive years with one guy at the helm of one of our most favorite things on this earth to consume, with that being Kentucky Basketball. Just think about where you were fifteen years ago. Feels like a lifetime ago, doesn't it? A lot has changed in that timeframe and now this basketball program is closing a chapter in its history and will be embarking on to the next one, which doesn't feel like an easy transition for anyone.

I’ll save you some time reading the quotes because there is nearly four minutes of this thing, but the main line coming out of it is he acknowledging that it’s time for a change at the head coaching position.

“The last few weeks, we’ve come to realize that this program probably needs to hear from another voice.” He continued with, “We’ve loved it here. But we think it’s time for us to step away. And step away completely from the program.”

”It’s (tenure with Kentucky) been a beautiful time for us. This was a dream job. It was my dream job,” said Calipari.

All of that pulls on the heart strings for sure. I’m fighting tears now and I’m on the side that was ready for a change and to just get a breathe of fresh air for the program. This is hard for many I assume, but it’s part of it. People come and go but this program will always remain towards the top. Things will be fine down the road. Trust me on that.

But back to the video, I also want you to view it because I think the body language is something you need to visualize over reading the quotes. You can tell this decision is hard for John Calipari at the same time. I’d recommend blocking out all distractions and giving this video your full attention to because the trip down memory lane that it will take you on is a nostalgic one, and one that’s very much worth your time.

Goodbye John. Thanks for the memories.

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