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John Calipari To Reportedly Accept Arkansas Job

(Image via Yahoo Sports)

If you thought your Sunday night was going to be relaxing and peaceful to get yourself ready for the new week, well, you thought wrong. Minor rumors on Saturday evening turned into major reports come Sunday night as Kentucky's head coach was in reportedly "serious talks" with the Arkansas men's basketball program about their head coaching position.

Local media members in Fayetteville started putting out word that they were hearing stuff on the Arkansas side of things that their program was looking to make a huge offer to bring John Calipari down from Lexington and name him their next sitting head coach. The Razorbacks' most recent head coach, Eric Musselman, left the program in the first week of April and just days later was hired by USC as their next coach. After being turned down by multiple coaches in recent hours for the position, most notably Kansas State's Jerome Tang, there's a lot of belief that John (Calipari) is ready to put a close on his time at Kentucky and start a new tenure somewhere else. It appears that place will be in Arkansas.

To get real deep into the under-the-table rumors that are going on surrounding this news, the founder of Tyson's chicken is a major booster for the program and is verbally ready to back the hire and assist with NIL deals for the roster, per online reports. Now that's not been confirmed but it's believed by many to be true. Run with that one if you please.

What really sparked this late Sunday night buzz was the ruling in John Calipari's contract that says he must inform the school if he has any serious talks with any other programs and before accepting a position elsewhere, and CBS Sports' Matt Norlander put out a statement saying the school was officially informed over the weekend.

Then less than an hour later, ESPN's Pete Thamel comes out and announces that the decision has been made. A five-year contract with the Hogs as he approaches 65 and is looking for the next role in his career.

Assuming this is true, it looks like John Calipari's time in Lexington is over and we will start the search for a new coach to replace him. Let me remind you that we are just less than two weeks past Mitch Barnhart and John Calipari's sit-down interview discussing the two's future here, both agreeing for another season together at the school. It looks like now that Calipari found his getaway opportunity and is on to his next school. This shouldn’t fall on the Athletic Director as I’m sure he was under the expectations at that time for another season as well. But in the quick-changing landscape of the sport, things can happen over a weekend, just like this one did.

The dark, dark world of college basketball. Kentucky is currently without a coach and this next chapter is only just beginning.

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