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John Wall trade requests are reportedly false

Friday evening it was being reported that John Wall finally wanted out of Washington after 11 seasons.

Talks were even in the process of working out possible trade scenarios, including one that started to catch fire which would have sent John Wall to Houston and Russell Westbrook to D.C.

Now, just three days later the reports are being denied by Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard, saying that there are no trades being done involving John Wall, nor that he has even requested one. Rumors were dealt last week that Wall was angry that the Wizards organization had decided to build the future around co-star Bradley Beal, and out of anger allegedly said he wanted a trade. "There's no issue with John and I, with John and the Wizards," said Tommy Sheppard this afternoon.

We all know the Wizards franchise is just trying to hide all of the ruckus surrounding their team, by taking a neutral stand that Wall didn't request a trade. I call that bull. 11 seasons and only 4 playoff appearances, which none made it past the second round, you can't blame Wall for wanting to leave. The Wizards have paid him a hell of a lot of money and he is no longer chasing the big contracts. I believe he is chasing that opportunity that puts him in place to win a championship.

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