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Josh Ali Is Now Facing Two Charges From Off The Field Incidents

Off the field issues seem to be the trend now around Lexington, with another Kentucky football player catching some heat from an incident he was involved in last Spring.

This weeks victim appears to be standout wide-receiver, Josh Ali. WDRB News reported this morning that the fifth year senior will have charges pressed against him from an incident taking place last February.

Ali's charges are for “leaving the scene of an accident without rendering aid and driving without insurance earlier this year.” The report also says that Ali was already dealing with a lawsuit from June 29th through the Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company. KFBMIC claims that Ali owes damages paid to "a man he rear ended in the February 12 wreck.”

Not until three weeks later (March 9th), Josh Ali reportedly told the Lexington Police that he was "falling asleep" at the wheel which led to him rear-ending the car in front of him, and that his insurance was already handling the issue.

Fast forward to April 14th Josh Ali was cited with a 'failure to maintain insurance charge.'

The standout football player is scheduled to appear in the Fayette District Court on September 20th, where both charges are classified as traffic offenses.

This situation doesn't seem to be a major problem compared to the teams off the field problems as a whole, but it's clear that Mark Stoops needs to get ahold of what's happening outside of the facilitates and address it immediately because these little incidents are popping up left and right now-a-days. Louisville might think we're trying to 'one up them.'


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