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Josh Ali Is Releasing A Children's Book

As Josh Ali has already wrapped up his Kentucky career, we're getting to look at one more accomplishment of his, this one coming from off the field.

The former wide receiver made news announcing that he will be releasing his first ever children's book that he started working on during the beginning of the pandemic. After being sidelined from an injury shortly before the Citrus Bowl this season, Ali said he had more time to finally finish it, getting it ready to release here soon.

“After my surgery I had a lot of free time on my hands. I spent weeks sitting on the couch wishing I could go fishing,” Ali said in a press release. “The sport of fishing has helped me with my patience, gave me time to think about things, and it allows me to have good conversations with those around me. I wrote this book to not only talk about my fishing experiences, but to show that there are many exciting activities to do outdoors other than sitting at home playing video games.”

The book will be titled, 'Fishing Will Be Fun For Everyone.' It will be the first of a series started by Josh Ali, coming from the perspective of his childhood. It’s set to release on April 14th and will be made available to purchase online.

It's cool to see a unique approach in how these athletes benefit from their name into other avenues outside of football, and I hope he sells a thousand of them.

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