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Keion Brooks Jr. Enters NBA Draft, Eligible To Return

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Keion Brooks Jr., a three year veteran and starting power forward for Kentucky, has taken the next step in his basketball career and has put his name into the NBA Draft process.

Keion also announced that he will be maintaining his college eligibility throughout this process, meaning he will sign with an NCAA-approved agent, or will not sign with an agent at all. This leaves the door open for a potential return to Kentucky for his senior season, as well as the ability to put his name in the transfer portal, something that has been heavily rumored to be a legitimate possibility. Due to the free year of eligibility given to everyone for the 2020-21 season, Keion actually has 2 years of college eligibility remaining. Incoming freshman Chris Livingston along with expected returners Jacob Toppin and Daimoin Collins form a potential log jam at the four position, possibly affecting Keion's decision to move forward with his career.

Keion has endured one of the toughest stretches of Kentucky basketball history. His freshman year, he saw his team - SEC Champions and true Final Four contenders - have their chance at a tournament run get taken away from them when COVID hit. His sophomore year, he missed the first 7 games due to injury, suffered through a 9-16 season, and lost two former teammates to tragic deaths. His junior year, Kentucky's chance at a tournament run once again came to an abrupt end after an upset loss to 15 seed St. Peter's.

This past season, Keion put up a stat line of 10.8 points and 4.4 rebounds, starting in all 33 games that he played in this year. His season and potential career highlight would easily be his 27 point scoring performance in a blowout win over Kansas at Allen Fieldhouse. If he were to return to college, he would be one of the core returning pieces for Kentucky, or one of the most sought after players in the transfer portal, depending on which route he chooses. If this is the end in Lexington, the Big Blue Nation thanks you for your three years of dedication and wishes you the best of luck moving forward, Keion!

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