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Keion Brooks Receives NBA G League Camp Invite

Three time Wildcat Keion Brooks announced that he would enter his name into the NBA Draft this offseason in hopes of getting feedback, and as many expected, return to college basketball by the end of the summer. Not long after that news came out, he also announced that he did indeed plan on returning to college, but would enter the transfer portal and play for a different school for his senior year.

Reports have come out over the last 48 hours that he has received an invite to the NBA G League Camp, which is a three-day event that gives NBA Draft prospects an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of NBA and NBA G League scouts, coaches and front-office executives. The camp is hosted in Chicago during May 14-18. Events include five-on-five games and strength and agility drills. The ones that perform well and are draft-eligible will be invited to participate in the NBA Draft Combine shortly after.

This is great news for Keion as individuals at the next level see potential in him after he spent his junior year averaging double-figures in points for Kentucky. Through it all, he will of course still return to college, but you can expect to see him spending this summer working out and training with affiliates of the NBA, tinkering with his craft in hopes of a super-senior season at wherever he decides to commit to. I personally think it will be Indiana or Purdue, but I have no inside information backing that up.



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