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Keion Brooks To Reportedly Stay In NBA Draft

Updated: May 17, 2022

The former Wildcat is currently in Chicago this week (alongside Kellan Grady) to show his abilities to NBA personnel in the NBA G League Camp, taking place May 16-17.

This summer Brooks announced he'd enter his name into the NBA Draft, but retained eligibility in college and also put his name into the transfer portal, giving himself options all across the board.

During an interview at the NBA G League Camp this week, Keion Brooks told reporters that he was "all in on the draft" and has no plans of returning to school, per a report in The invitee has also said he hasn't been involved in any of his recruitment, that he's letting the people close to him take care of that as his sole focus is training for the NBA. “My agent and my parents just thought that getting in the Transfer Portal was something that was good to keep my options open. We didn’t want to close the door on anything, you never know what could happen." He continues with, “I couldn’t even tell you who’s recruiting me or who’s reaching out because I just let my parents handle it all... I’m just working every day to try to get better.”

He also told reporters that so far he has worked out with two franchises this summer, with those being the Sacramento Kings and the Golden State Warriors.

After averaging 10.8 points and 4.4 rebounds on 49.1% shooting as a Kentucky junior, Keion Brooks is deep into his post-Lexington route as a basketball player and hopefully he finds his way through the sport. I personally think he needs to return to college for at least another year, but, if he's confident in staying in the draft and not returning he must be hearing something important that I of course am not.



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