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Kellan Grady Receives Invite To NBA G League Camp

Kentucky will now have two players invited to the NBA G League Camp this month, as Kellan Grady joins Keion Brooks, both recieving invites to the event.

The camp will take place in Chicago from May 15-17. It is a three day event that gives NBA Draft prospects an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of NBA and NBA G League scouts, coaches and front-office executives.

Kellan Grady and Keion Brooks are both there for different reasons, one (Kellan) to earn his way into the NBA and showcase he belongs and the other one (Keion), to receive quality feedback as he returns for a senior year of college basketball. I like that both players were thought to be worthy enough of invites, and I think both players attending will do wonders for their careers and individual development.

I can't help but think that Kellan Grady is going to kill it at this event, pushing himself higher in the eyes of NBA scouts. He deserves that opportunity, and so does Keion Brooks. As more content and news comes out from the G League Camp event, we'll have it on the site for you.


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