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Kellan Grady To Be Honored On Senior Night Versus Ole Miss

Kellan Grady will go down as one of the greatest shooters to play at Kentucky when his ride here is all said-and-done. What he's accomplished in one season in Lexington is absurd, and he's done it all at such a high level.

He's led the team in minutes played across the entire season and has started in all 29 games. Grady has totaled 349 points, 63 rebounds, 35 assists, 24 steals, 2 blocks and 83 made three-pointers leading into Senior Night. He's shooting 43% from the three and 46% from the field, damn-near cloning what the alumni of his old school (Steph Curry) once did. He's also led the Southeastern Conference in most made three's this season, including having the highest three-point field goal percentage of the SEC, and ranking inside the top 10 throughout the country.

When looking back over this year, the Davidson transfer said, "This has been an exceptional year for us. We've cracked the top 5, we've had a lot of success, we've had some statement wins, and you're playing on the biggest stage of college basketball at a blue-blood. I'm grateful to be here, and definitely excited about having a Senior Night in Rupp and experiencing it with my parents, and doing it at a place like Kentucky."

With the immediate transfer rule being put in place and on top of that players being allowed to profit off of their name, image and likeness, we are going to continue to see the paths that Kellan Grady and Davion Mintz have taken to get to Kentucky going forward and I'm completely happy about it. If we can go out and get one of the country's best mid-major players and bring him here to compliment or even lead our team for a season or two, help boost his image across college basketball and compete for a championship along the way who wouldn't do that? This year has benefited both parties tremendously between Kellan the Kentucky program and with John Calipari jumping on top of the transfer market as good as he has done, we'll get to see more and more Kellan Grady's come through this program in the future.



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