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Kentucky Adds UNC Wilmington To 2023-24 Non-Conference Schedule

As the non-conference schedule continues to reveal itself, we have now been informed that Kentucky will host UNC Wilmington this winter as another part of it.

Mark your calendars for December 2, right here in Lexington, the fighting Seahawks will step out on the hardwood floor inside the Central Bank Center and try their best to pull off an upset over the Wildcats. As I don't expect there to be a chance in you know what for that to happen, I guess there is always a chance it could. Listen, I sat right on media row as the Evansville men's basketball team coached by former Wildcat Walter McCarty came into the building and left with the 'W'. As I still to this day can't believe that actually happened, I can say moving forward with my life that crazier things than UNC Wilmington walking out with a win have happened, but do I think there's even a little chance that happens with this team? No. Not at all. I do not see that happening.

Keeping the honest train rolling, because that's what I am, honest with all of you here, I don't know anything about the program besides this one interesting tidbit. John Calipari spent two seasons there from 1978-1980 as a point guard. Here's the proof. "Smile John."

But other than that, this will be the first time in school history that either of the two programs have ever crossed each others path. While we are embarking on a new ventures, it doesn't set up to be a 'crazy special' event unless it surrounds just Coach Cal letting us know how his playing days went "back in the day," as the basketball program doesn't have really anything else going for them besides that. The haven't made the NCAA Tournament since 2017, and their furthest run resulted in a Round of 32 exit back in 2002. So, other than those few notes, this might be a boring non-conference winter matchup. That's fine, that's what it's supposed to be anyways. It will be an opponent that this team can get some repetition on and work out the rest of the early-season kinks before hitting the core of the schedule come the New Year. I'm not complaining, I'm just pointing out the obvious.

So to UNC Wilmington, me and my yawns will be looking forward to you and the Hunt Brothers pizza served in Rupp in just a few months.


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