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Kentucky Against The SEC

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Four weeks of college football, four weeks of results. As time goes on, the cream rises to the top and the superior teams become more obvious. While Kentucky still has their fair share of weak spots within their game, let's not takeaway from what they have already accomplished during the first month of the season. They've taken care of business, for the most part, and have found themselves ranking up within the sports hardest conference.

Right now, Kentucky sits at second in the SEC East, right behind (No. 1 in the country) Georgia. They also are leading the way over Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Missouri, South Carolina and Florida on this side of the conference.

In talks over the whole conference, they are tied for first place with Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Ole Miss as the only schools still undefeated at 4-0 through regular season play (Note: Ole Miss has yet to play a SEC opponent yet). It truly is some wild times that we are living in, but they are also times that are becoming more and more common around Lexington.

SEC matchups through Week 4:

  1. (E) Georgia: 1-0

  2. (W) Alabama: 1-0

  3. (E) Kentucky: 1-0

  4. (E) Tennessee: 1-0

  5. (W) LSU: 1-0

  6. (W) Auburn: 1-0

  7. (W) Texas A&M: 1-0

  8. (W) Arkansas: 1-1

  9. (W) Ole Miss: 0-0

  10. (W) Mississippi State: 0-1

  11. (E) Vanderbilt: 0-1

  12. (E) Missouri: 0-1

  13. (E) South Carolina: 0-2

  14. (E) Florida: 0-2

I think once Kentucky left Gainesville with the win, they might have broken Florida. Losing to Kentucky, as well as Tennessee, while your "Heisman" projected quarterback plummets his draft stock, must have that entire state in shambles from such an embarrassing start. I hate Florida just as much as the next guy, but if we're being honest, their failures are only discrediting our win down there, in terms of rankings as the season going forward. I mean, I don't want them to be great by any means, but can someone please let them find a conference win? Let's nominate Vandy as tribute. Can we?

So far, the most credible in-conference wins for the SEC this season have been:

  • Tennesse vs Florida, 38-33 (Sept. 24)

  • Texas A&M vs Arkanas, 23-21 (Sept. 24)

  • Kentucky at Florida, 26-16 (Sept. 10)

  • LSU vs Mississippi State, 31-16 (Sept. 17)

  • Arkansas vs South Carolina, 44-30 (Sept. 10)

As the conference schedule comes in full speed for the bulk of the schedule, Kentucky will travel down to Oxford next weekend to take on the Rebels. It begins their gruesome conference play, which lines up as on the road at Ole Miss, home versus South Carolina, home versus Mississippi State, on the road at Tennessee, on the road at Missouri, hosting Vanderbilt at home and capping it off with Georgia coming to town in Kentucky's second to last game of the season.


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